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At QFCC, we believe that our small size and 1:6 teacher to student ratio allows us to focus more carefully on the development and needs of each child. Through small-group instruction, we are able to promote skill development, and provide the perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime. However, in an effort to be Developmentally Appropriate, we have devised specific approach to each age group of children for whom we provide care. While we use several tools in our effort to educate children, we have experienced the most success with our primary tool, The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care, Second Edition, through Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood.

The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care includes:

  • Volume 1: The Foundation
  • Volume 2: Routines & Experiences
  • Sixty-eight laminated LearningGames®
  • DVD of the classic video, Caring and Learning


Language and Communication

Children develop a rich vocabulary as they are exposed to a variety of books and literacy materials. Daily read-alouds, songs, word games and conversations enable your child to begin building a solid foundation in language and communication.

Social and Emotional Development

Children build a sense of community as they interact with each other through daily activities, such as games and songs. Our teachers work with your child to develop self-help skills and the ability to negotiate his or her environment independently.

Cognitive Development

Our program offers daily opportunities for children to count, recognize numbers and shapes, and experiment with volume and measurement. Inclusion in daily routines and imaginative playtime gives your child the opportunity to further develop skills in numbers and operation, mathematics, and measurement.

Creative Arts

Children will learn to express themselves as they are introduced to various artistic activities such as dancing, painting and pretend play. Your child will learn about cause-and-effect relationships and self-expression through the arts and music, and will begin to share his or her knowledge in new ways with other children.

Physical Development

Our classrooms and equipment are designed so that children can safely explore their environment. By keeping active, your child will improve coordination, build motor skills and discover his or her physical abilities.


Language and Literacy

We introduce high-quality children's literature to promote a love of reading. Our daily activities develop reading and writing skills and introduce important literacy concepts.

Math Skills

Children are introduced to the rich world of numbers, including sorting, grouping, and counting, as well as more advanced math skills.

Social Skills

Group time allows your child to talk, listen, share, take turns, cooperate, interact with friends, and learn the value of giving and receiving feedback. Positive reinforcement helps children realize the importance of being a team player and refines skills needed to flourish in a classroom environment.

Creativity and Imagination

Dramatic play, music and art activities give every child the opportunity to showcase their abundant creativity. We encourage all children to express their ideas in order to help build confidence, independence and imagination.

Physical Development

Our experienced teachers work with children to develop their large motor skills-running, jumping, throwing and kicking-and practice coordination skills, such as wring, drawing, cutting and other activities.


Language and Literacy

Each day we focus on age-appropriate literacy objectives, including letter recognition, letter sounds and emerging writing skills. Children are well on their way to becoming a wiz when it comes to reading and writing.


Children engage in the exciting work of numbers as they sort, construct, classify, and match. They also learn counting, measuring, and a variety of math skills.

Creative Arts and Music

Participation in creative arts and music allows children to showcase their talents. Exposing children to works by master artists and then asking them to create their own interpretation inspires children to find their own unique voice.

Scientific Discovery

Your child's mind for science will become stronger through hands-on experiences when he or she learns to predict results, test ideas and draw conclusions. As an explorer in this new world, your child will examine and use various tools of discovery.


We provide space for school age children to do homework and, when time allows, we will assist them with their projects. By spending time on homework at the group home, children have more free time to spend with their family and their time with us remains productive.

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